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Home Remedies: Natural Solutions For Health And Wellness


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Since Ancient Times, People Have Turned To Home Remedies To Address Common Health Issues And Advance Wellness. Wellhealthorganic Promotes The Use Of Easily Obtainable Household Ingredients In Natural Methods For Minor Illness Treatment And Health Maintenance. This Resource Examines Practical Home Treatments, Their Advantages, And How-To Guides For Using Them.

Knowing How To Use Home Treatments:

Advantages Of DIY Treatments:

Natural Ingredients: Make Use Of Easily Accessible Ingredients, Which Are Frequently Chemical-Free And Organic.

Affordable: Reasonably Priced Substitutes For Over-The-Counter Drugs.

Holistic Approach: Promote General Wellbeing And Health Without Causing Negative Side Effects.

Cultural Heritage: Utilize The Customs And Wisdom That Have Been Handed Down Through The Ages.

Typical Home Cure-Alls And Their Uses:

Home remedies are understood to mean medications or tonics prepared at home to treat certain ailments without any prescription or professional supervision. Reliance on home remedies increased during coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‐19). The aim of this integrative review was to identify home remedies used to treat and prevent COVID‐19 and discuss implications for nursing practice and health related to the safety and efficacy of home remedies.


Cooper’s integrative review method guided this study to identify home remedies used to prevent and treat COVID‐19. Google Scholar, BMC, EBSCOhost, Medline, Academic Search Ultimate, Web of Science Core Collections, Science Direct and Global Health were used to search for relevant information on the use of COVID‐19 home remedies from 2019 to 2022. The Critical Appraisal Skills Program (CASP) checklist was used to select studies that had to be included. The eligibility criteria included studies on home remedies, written in English from 2019 to 2022. Findings of qualitative, quantitative and mixed‐methods research were extracted, and narrative thematic data synthesis was applied.


Eleven articles which met the inclusion criteria were found in nine countries: Ghana (1), South Africa (1), Tanzania (1), Togo (1) and Zimbabwe (1), Bangladesh (1), Hong Kong (1), India (2), Iran (1), and Pakistan (1). Findings showed that home remedies are used for the prevention of COVID‐19 infection, treatment of COVID‐19, and boosting immunity.

Honey And Cinnamon To Alleviate Cough:

Ingredients: Stir In A Small Teaspoon Of Cinnamon And Honey.

Advantages: Has Antibacterial Qualities And Relieves Sore Throats.

Digestive Health Benefits Of Ginger Tea:

Additive: Bring Fresh Ginger Slices To A Boil In Water.

Advantages: Reduces Bloating, Nausea, And Indigestion.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar To Treat Skin:

Ingredients: Use Water To Dilute The Apple Cider Vinegar.

Advantages: Normalizes Ph Of Skin, Lessens Acne, And Enhances Complexion.

Using Turmeric Paste To Heal Wounds:

 Ingredients: Combine Coconut Oil Or Honey With Powdered Turmeric.

Advantages: Anti-Inflammatory Qualities Lessen Scarring And Encourage Wound Healing.

Pulling Coconut Oil For Dental Health:

Ingredients: Gargle Your Mouth With A Spoonful Of Coconut Oil.

Benefits: Reduces Plaque, Freshens Breath, And Enhances Oral Hygiene.

A Comprehensive Guide To Utilizing Home Remedies:

Determine The Situation:

Symptoms: Recognize The Signs And Choose The Right Treatment.

Compile The Ingredients:

Quality: For Best Results, Use Organic And Fresh Products.

Getting Ready:

Adhere To Recipes: Combine Ingredients In The Amounts Or Recipes That Are Suggested.

Safety Measures: Check For Allergies By Doing Patch Tests On Skin Applications.


Techniques: Directly Apply Medicines To Afflicted Regions Or Consume As Instructed.

Dosage: Adhere To Suggested Dosages Or Application Intervals.

Track Outcomes:

  • Observation: Record Any Ameliorations Or Modifications To Symptoms.
  • Adjustments: If Required, Change The Dosage Or Application Technique.

Advantages & Things To Think About For DIY Fixes:


  • Evidence-Based: Anecdotal Or Scientific Evidence Supports The Efficacy Of Many Therapies.


  • Natural Ingredients: These Are Usually Safe, Though Individual Responses Could Differ.
  • Consultation: If You Have Serious Symptoms Or A Chronic Illness, Get Medical Guidance.

All-Encompassing Method:

  • General Wellness: Home Cures Frequently Deal With Underlying Issues Rather Than Merely Masking Symptoms.


Natural, Easily Accessible Options For Improving Health And Wellness Are Provided By Home Remedies. Effectively Treating Minor Diseases And Promoting Well-Being, Wellhealthorganic Recommends Incorporating These Remedies Into Everyday Routines. Through Comprehension Of Their Advantages, Adherence To Appropriate Preparation And Administration Methods, And Evaluation Of Personal Health Requirements, You Can Use The Potential Of Home Remedies To Promote A Healthier Way Of Living.

An Overview Of The Main Ideas:

  • Advantages: All-Natural Ingredients, Economical, All-Encompassing Strategy, And Cultural Relevance.
  • Common Remedies: Using Honey And Cinnamon To Coughs, Drinking Ginger Tea To Aid With Digestion, Using Apple Cider Vinegar To Treat Skin Conditions, Applying Turmeric Paste To Wounds, And Using Coconut Oil Pulling To Maintain Dental Health.
  • Application Guide: Determine Ailment, Compile Materials, Make Cures, Administer As Instructed, And Track Outcomes.
  • Take Into Account The Safety:Efficacy, And Overall Health Advantages Of Home Treatments.

With The Help Of This Comprehensive Book, You Can Investigate Natural Options For Maintaining Your Health And Treating Minor Ailments. Seeking Guidance From A Healthcare Professional Is Advised For Individualised Counsel, Particularly About Chronic Diseases.

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