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Gujarat Titans Vs. Mumbai Indians: Match Scorecard Overview


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Indian Premier League (IPL) Cricket Matches Between Franchise Clubs Are Eagerly Awaited Since They Provide Exciting Matches Amongst Star-Studded Lineups. This Guide Offers A Thorough Analysis Of A Typical Gujarat Titans Vs. Mumbai Indians Match Scorecard, Emphasizing Important Details And Vocabulary To Comprehend The Game’s Mechanics And Results.

Comprehending The Scorecard:

Fundamental Data:

Each Scorecard Starts With The Most Important Match Information:

Date And Location: The Time And Location Of The Match.

Teams: The Identities Of The Rival Teams.

Match Format: The T20 (Twenty20) Format Is Commonly Used In The Indian Premier League.

Toss: Whichever Team Won It Got To Decide Whether To Bowl Or Bat First.

Innings Synopsis:

Each Team’s Innings Are Summarized During A Match:

Total Runs: The Sum Of The Team’s Runs Scored.

Wickets: How Many Wickets They Lost In Their Innings.

Overs: The Total Number Of Overs That The Team Has Used. For Instance, The Phrase “Gujarat Titans 180/5 In 20 Overs” Denotes That The Team Managed To Score 180 Runs In The Allowed 20 Overs While Losing 5 Wickets.

Performance At Bat:

Performance Details For Individual Players Are Listed Under The Batting Section:

Batsman: The Player’s Name Who Took The Bats.

Runs Scored: The Player’s Overall Number Of Runs Scored.

Balls Faced: The Quantity Of Deliveries That The Player Must Deal With.

Strike: Rate Is Determined By Multiplying (Runs Scored/Balls Faced) By 100.

Dismissal: The Method Used To Remove The Player (Caught, Bowled, Run Out, Etc.).

Extras: Extra Runs, Including As Wides, No-Balls, Byes, And Leg-Byes, That Are Not Scored By Batters.

Performance In Bowling:

The Following Bowling Statistics Are Given For Each Bowler:

Bowler: The Player’s Name Who Took The Bowl.

Overs Bowled: The Player’s Total Number Of Overs Bowled.

Maidens: Overs When There Were No Runs Scored.

Runs Conceded: The Total Number Of Runs The Bowler Gave Up.

Wickets Taken: The Total Number Of Wickets The Bowler Has Claimed.

Efficiency Rate: Computed As (Overs Bowled / Runs Conceded).

Example In Detail: Gujarat Titans Vs. Mumbai Indians In The Indian Premier League

Fundamental Data:

Time: May 10, 2023

Location: Ahmedabad’s Sardar Patel Stadium

• Twenty20 (T20) Format

Toss: The Gujarat Titans Chose To Bat First After Winning The Toss.

Summary Of Gujarat Titans Innings:

Complete: 180/5 After 20 Overs

Batting Performance:

Runs Balls In 4 Or 6 Seconds SR Dismissal

Jos Buttler 64, 45, 7, 2, 144, 44 Bumrah Bowed

Jason Roy: 30, 25, 4, 1, 120 Captured By Rohit

Chahar 45, 30, 3, 3, 150.00  LBW Glenn Phillips

Hardik Pandya  20, 15, 2, 0, 133.33 Not Out

Kieron Pollard 15, 10, 1,0 1, 1, 150.00 Captured By Kishan

Ravindra Jadeja 5,5, 0,0, 100.00  Not Out

Extras 5: (3 Wides, 1 No-Ball, And 1 Leg-Bye)

A Bowling Performance:

Bowler Overs, Runs, Wickets, And Economy Rate:

Jasprit Bumrah 4, 0, 35, 1, 8.75

Trent Boult 4, 0, 40, 10.00

Rahul Chahar 4, 0, 30, 7.50

Pandya Krunal 4, 0, 45, 0, 11.25

Marco Jansen 4, 0, 28, 2 ,7.00

Summary Of Mumbai Indians Innings:

Result: 175/8 After 20 Overs.

Batting Performance:

Runs Balls In 4 Or 6 Seconds SR Dismissal:

Ishan Kishan  60, 40, 6, 2, 150.00 Thakur Bowed

Rohit Sharma  40, 35, 5, 1, 114.29 Captured By Jadeja

Suryakumar Yadav  25, 20, 3, 0, 125.00 Run Out

Kieron Pollard 15, 10, 2, 1, 150.00 LBW Thakur

Hardik Pandya 10, 8, 1, 0, 125.00 Bumrah Bowed

Pandya Krunal 5, 5, 0, 0, 100.00,  Jadeja Caught

Jansen, Marco 0, 1, 0, 0, 0.00 Not Out

Boult, Trent  5, 5, 1, 0, 100.00 Thakur Bowed

Bumrah Jasprit 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0.00 Not Out

• Ten Extras: Six Wides, Three No-Balls, And One Leg-Bye

A Bowling Performance:

Bowler Overs, Runs, Wickets, And Economy Rate:

Thakur Shardul 5, 0, 30, 3, 7.50

Jasprit Bumrah  4.0, 0.55, 2.7.5

10.50 Hardik Pandya  4, 0, 42, 0

Jadeja Ravindra  4, 0, 25, 0, 6, 25

Ashwin Ravichandran 4, 0, 40, 1, 10.00

Important Points:

Highlights Of Batting:

• Leading Scorers Were Mumbai Indians’ Ishan Kishan (60 Runs) And Gujarat Titans’ Jos Buttler (65 Runs).

Standout Performances: Ishan Kishan’s Aggressive Innings And Shardul Thakur’s Powerful 3/30 Spell.

Highlights Of Bowling:

Marco Jansen: (Mumbai Indians) With 2/28 And Shardul Thakur (Gujarat Titans) With 3/30 Are The Best Bowling Figures.

Crucial Wickets: Jasprit Bumrah Dismissed Jos Buttler, And Shardul Thakur Dismissed Rohit Sharma.

Evaluation Of The Match:

Opening Innings: Batting Of Gujarat Titans:

Gujarat Titans, Who Chose To Bat First, Amassed A Respectable 180 Runs, Driven Primarily By An Explosive Effort From Jos Buttler. Jason Roy And Glenn Phillips’ Contributions Laid A Strong Basis And Gave The Mumbai Indians A Formidable Goal To Aim For. Hardik Pandya’s Late Entry Made For A Compelling Conclusion.

Mumbai Indians’ Chase In The Second Innings:

In Response, Ishan Kishan’s Aggressive Batting Helped The Mumbai Indians Get Off To A Good Start. But They Lost Wickets On A Frequent Basis, Especially To Shardul Thakur And Jasprit Bumrah. They Managed 175/8 In Their 20 Overs, But Even With The Best Efforts Of Rohit Sharma And Kieron Pollard, They Could Not Reach The Objective.

Important Times In The Match:

The Powerplay Dominance Of Gujarat Titans:

Jos Buttler Spearheaded The Gujarat Titans’ Quick Score During The Powerplay As They Took Advantage Of The Fielding Limitations. Early On, The Mumbai Indians Found It Difficult To Control The Forceful Batting Display.

The Middle-Order Collapse Of The Mumbai Indians:

Ishan Kishan And Rohit Sharma Gave The Mumbai Indians A Good Start, But They Lost Important Wickets In The Middle Overs. Pressure Was Generated By Shardul Thakur’s Methodical Bowling And Deft Pace Adjustments, Which Led To Crucial Dismissals.

Hardik Pandya’s Comprehensive Impact:

For The Gujarat Titans, Hardik Pandya’s Dual Role As A Bowler And Batsman Proved Crucial. His Economical Bowling And Rapid Runs Were Key Factors In Limiting The Mumbai Indians’ Pursuit.


The Gujarat Titans Vs. Mumbai Indians Game Featured Exciting Cricket Action That Combined Great Individual Play With Clever Strategy. Gaining A Greater Understanding Of The Scorecard’s Nuances Might Help You Better Understand How The Game Unfolded, Emphasizing Important Players And Turning Points That Influenced The Result. This Thorough Analysis Raises Awareness Of IPL Games And Demonstrates Why Cricket Fans Around The World Find Them Fascinating.

An Overview Of The Main Ideas:

Fundamental Details: Date, Time, Location, Structure, And Outcome Of The Throw.

Summary Of Innations: Both Teams’ Total Runs, Wickets, And Overs.

Individual Scores: Dismissals, And Bowling Statistics For Both Batting And Bowling Performances.

Important Moments: Top Scorers, And Finest Bowlers Are The Highlights.

Match Analysis: Critical Moments And Strategic Components.

Conclusion: An Evaluation Of The Overall Importance And Entertainment Value Of The Match.

With A Step-By-Step Examination Of The Game’s Mechanics, This In-Depth Guide To The Gujarat Titans Vs. Mumbai Indians IPL Match Scorecard Offers Cricket Fans A Greater Knowledge And Appreciation Of IPL Cricket.

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